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Angel Home Solutions, LLC

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Our hours of operation are based on our customers needs. Let us know what's convenient for you and we'll do our best to work around YOUR schedule.  Yet another example of what sets us apart!


Angel Home Solutions is currently looking for Environmental Services (Residential and Commercial Cleaning) folks and Qualified Subcontractors in a variety of fields.  NOTE: Environmental Services and Remodeling Subcontractors are being hired solely as independents and that neither themselves nor their employees are considered employees of the General Contractor (Angel Home Solutions). 

Remodeling Applicants must possess the following: 

1. Valid subcontractor’s insurance as follows: 

A. Commercial General Liability coverage with an insurance carrier rated A- or better by A.M. Best with limits equal to or exceeding:

  • Ø        $500,000 Combined Single Limit each occurrence
  • Ø        $1,000,000 General Aggregate
  • Ø        $1,000,000 Products/Completed Operations Aggregate
  • Ø        Contractor is to be named as Additional Insured on Subcontractor’s policy 

B. Workers Compensation Insurance covering all persons performing work at the Contractor’s job sites including, but not limited to any principles or officers of the Subcontractor, employees of the Subcontractor and subcontractors of the Subcontractor. Further, Subcontractor, including but not limited to a sole proprietor who has one or more employees shall also provide, at his own expense a current Certificate of Worker’s Compensation Insurance. 

C. Automobile Liability Insurance for any and all vehicles used at any jobsites or to transport individuals or materials to or from jobsites for a minimum coverage amount of $500,000 each accident. 

D. Architects, Engineers and other Professional Vendors shall provide a minimum coverage of $500,000 each claim. 

2. Necessary tools and equipment to complete the tasks assigned.


- Valid Driver’s license or other form of acceptable photo ID

            - Reliable transportation 

Angel Home Solutions is an equal opportunity employer.