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Our hours of operation are based on our customers needs. Let us know what's convenient for you and we'll do our best to work around YOUR schedule.  Yet another example of what sets us apart!


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         Why Choose Angel Home                                    Solutions?

     We Are More Than Just Your             Average Home Improvement                                  Business


HOMEOWNER: Lack of time, patience and knowledge are all contributing factors causing homeowners to seek the assistance of a professional.  AHS provides free estimates, timely service and guarantees our work. 

HOME BUYER: Are you in the process of searching for a home?  Successfully negotiating a contract will make the sale happen.  Many times, home improvements are part of the negotiations.  We can assist with free, prompt estimates for work that needs to be done.  We will work closely with your real estate agent to make this a   seamless process. 

HOME SELLER: Is your home currently for sale or are you getting ready to put your house on the real estate market? Let us help your home stand out among the competition by increasing the curb appeal.  Inside of your home, we can address those problem areas that might distract a potential buyer.  

INVESTORS AHS provides reliable professionals for the repairs, upgrades, rebuilding and maintenance for an income producing property.  We provide quality work at reasonable rates.  Getting work completed sooner and better allows you start making a profit on your property sooner. 

REAL ESTATE AGENTS: How prepared are you to provide superb service to your clients?  If you utilize buyer and seller   packets, include a few of our cards, coupons and information in each one.  Successful  negotiation of a contract is the key to the sale.  Home improvements may be a point addressed in your contract, for the buyer and/or seller.  Further promote your real  estate expertise by knowing immediately who to refer your clients to in such situations.

INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS: We are always eager to increase the realm of our services by sub-contracting projects to those who specialize in a given service.  Call to receive further information about joining the AHS family. 

INSURANCE AGENTS: Insurance agents process many claims each year for homes.  We are more than happy to serve your clients promptly, with courtesy and a free estimate.  Many of these situations are already emotionally tense and we’ll do our part to  reassure the homeowner that their home will be cared for. 

HOME INSPECTORS Home inspectors   often find many safety issues or unpleasant surprises when inspecting a home.  Give us a call and we can repair, replace or fix the issues identified in the inspection.  We understand time is of the essence with real estate contracts and will make every attempt to get the work done immediately. 

COMMERCIAL PROPERTY OWNERS All of our services are available to the commercial property owner as well.  We are flexible with terms and conditions of service.  We strive to meet your every need. 

ATTORNEYS Do you have an estate that you are dealing with that might need some sprucing up before listing it for sale?  We can assist you in making the home more marketable, saving you time and work. Call for more details. 

BUSINESS OWNERS: Attention fellow business owners! Is customer service as important to you as it is to us?  If so, we would like to offer you the opportunity to show your customers how important they are to your business. At your request, we will provide you with complimentary coupons for discounted AHS services and we'll happily add your business name and/or logo to the coupon. 

As you can see, the benefits of AHS affect so many people in positive ways.  Call us today and let’s work together!!!